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RP Photonics Encyclopedia

3d精华布衣天下1234(formerly the encyclopedia of laser physics and technology)

Encyclopedia of Laser Physics and Technology

The author of this encyclopedia is Dr. Paschotta3d精华布衣天下1234, the founder of RP Photonics.

RP Photonics Buyer's Guide

The Best Buyer's Guide for Photonics and Laser Technology

buyer's guide on laser diodes

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Find out about the attractive opportunities created by RP Photonics marketing solutions!

RP Fiber Power

3d精华布衣天下1234analyze and design passive and active fiber optics:

  • fiber amplifiers and lasers
    (continuous-wave, Q-switched, mode-locked, multi-stage, CPA, …)
  • single-mode and multimode fibers, double-clad fibers, multi-core fibers, tapered fibers, …
  • fiber couplers
  • telecom systems

RP Fiber Power3d精华布衣天下1234 is a must-have for anyone seriously working with fiber devices!

New V6:3d精华布衣天下1234 custom forms can be made for specific applications! Those you don't want to deal with the technical details just get custom forms made within the technical support.

RP Resonator

design and optimize laser resonators:

  • get beam radii anywhere
  • study the alignment sensitivity
  • fully parametrize your models
  • optimize with arbitrary criteria

Due to the powerful script language, the flexibility of RP Resonator3d精华布衣天下1234 is unparalleled!

RP ProPulse

study the pulse formation in

  • passively and actively mode-locked lasers
  • sync-pumped OPOs
  • fiber amplifiers

If you want to fully understand picosecond and femtosecond lasers, RP ProPulse is the tool you need! (For fiber devices, RP Fiber Power is even better.)

RP Coating

analyze and optimize the designs of

  • dielectric mirrors
  • filters, dichroic mirrors
  • dispersive mirrors
  • thin-film polarizers
  • SESAMs

3d精华布衣天下1234profit from an unparalleled flexibility due to the built-in script language:

  • include Sellmeier-type refractive index data in any form
  • parametrize your structures as you like;
    automatically generate complex structures
  • import and export data with any formats (text or binary)
  • optimize with arbitrary criteria

RP Coating is a tool even for most challenging cases!

Technical Consulting

Product Design, Problem Solving, Calculations and Simulations,
Independent Expertise and Staff Training on

Lasers and Amplifiers

lasers and amplifiers

Nonlinear Optics

nonlinear optics

Fiber Optics

fiber optics

Ultrashort Pulses

ultrashort pulses

Fluctuations and Noise

fluctuations and noise



from a highly reputed expert: author of the RP Photonics Encyclopedia, of other books and over 100 scientific journal papers.

RP Photonics Software

Advanced Simulation & Design Software for Optical Fibers, Fiber Amplifiers and Lasers, Laser Resonators, Pulse Propagation and Thin-film Optics

RP Fiber Power RP Resonator
RP ProPulse RP Coating
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